Remote Monitoring Systems

Lining AQUAVISIO Remote Monitoring System is a smart and cost-efficient comprehensive solution for water companies of all sizes.

The Lining AQUAVISIO Remote Monitoring System is designed for remote control and monitoring of pumping and monitoring items in water supply networks. Field items are displayed in a map view of the system. The map view provides a clear and uninterrupted real-time overview of the network status.

All parts of the system are designed to work seamlessly together and the solution is custom-built for client needs, resulting in a predictive, smart, secure, and easy-to-maintain comprehensive solution for water supply.

Rich comprehensive solution

The Lining AQUAVISIO Remote Monitoring System combines traditional workstation control rooms with the cloud, bringing together the best of both worlds. System monitoring is not tied to a specific location because the number of control rooms is not limited and monitoring is conducted securely on the intranet with a web browser.

Easy to use

The Lining AQUAVISIO Remote Monitoring System provides a comprehensive overview of the entire network at a glance. Symbols for field items are displayed on a dynamic map view that is easy to zoom and navigate. Colour-coded symbols give you a quick overview of each item’s operating condition. On the monitoring page, you can explore detailed real-time data of each item and adjust action and alert thresholds.


You can customize the Lining AQUAVISIO Remote Monitoring System by connecting new items to the system. You can also customize item-specific monitoring pages and report templates or create new ones by combining data from various items. The Lining AQUAVISIO Remote Monitoring System also supports connecting local logics commonly used in water supply services. And with the FRENDS integration platform integrated into the system, you can also connect other water company automation systems.

Secure but open

Using Lining AQUAVISIO systems is always secure. You can enjoy peace of mind because security is built-in to all Lining AQUAVISIO solutions.

We provide 2G/3G/4G data transfers as a secure APN service. Data between field items and the control room is transferred in the operator’s cellular network on a separate isolated IP range, protected from any attacks from the Internet.

Remote Monitoring System as service

The Lining AQUAVISIO Remote Monitoring System is also fully available as a service. By choosing the service model, a small water company or a water supply cooperative can avoid investing in control room equipment and software. They can use the service securely on the intranet with the Google Chrome browser.

Uninterrupted support

Our AQUAHELP support is ready and willing to help you in all situations.

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