Integration Service

Designed for water companies, the Lining AQUAVISIO Integration Service is a secure solution for automating processes and combining data from different systems.

The Lining AQUAVISIO Integration Service is always custom-built for client needs, resulting in an easy-to-expand water supply integration platform that grows with the client’s business and helps a water company automate their processes.

Combining various systems

Water utilities often have various separate systems. However, data from these systems typically does not come together at the system level.

In the physical world, cables connect routers to logic boards, making it possible to connect various devices for centralized management. The Lining AQUAVISIO Integration Services now brings similar functionality to the digital world by integrating data streams from various software on the FRENDS integration platform, much like routers do in the physical world. The FRENDS platform enables data transfers between systems, generating business intelligence and analytics and leading to cost savings.

Extended lifetime for existing systems

Client and legal compliance requirements create a growing need to better manage data in various systems. This in turn increases the need to upgrade current software. This is another issue that the Lining AQUAVISIO Integration Service helps solve because it can provide years of extended lifetime for existing systems. This means that earlier investments can be maximized, increasing cost-efficiency.

Secure but open

Using the Lining AQUAVISIO Integration Service is always secure. You can enjoy peace of mind because security is built-in to all Lining AQUAVISIO solutions.

With the integration platform, a Lining AQUAVISIO Integration Service user can also connect applications and software from providers other than Lining. These include ERP, invoicing, CRM, payroll and various HR systems.

Communication with authorities and clients

With the Lining AQUAVISIO Integration Service, you can increase automation in reporting to authorities. With our Integration Service, you can also generate automatic updates on the water company website or your clients’ My Account pages. 

System as a Service

The Lining AQUAVISIO Integration Service is also fully available as a service. By choosing the service model, a water company or a water supply cooperative can avoid investing in their own integration platform.

Uninterrupted support

Our AQUAHELP support is ready and willing to help you in all situations.

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