District Metered Area

Lining AQUAVISIO District Metered Area is a smart and cost-efficient comprehensive solution for water supply networks – for water companies of all sizes.

The Lining AQUAVISIO District Metered Area includes all you need from sumps, flowmeters and software to secure data transfer and processing.

All parts of the system are designed to work seamlessly together and the solution is custom-built for client needs, resulting in a predictive, smart, secure and easy-to-maintain solution.

Comprehensive turnkey solution

Lining AQUAVISIO solutions are
turnkey solutions. We take care of everything from mapping, preliminary assessments and equipment solutions to building for remote control and monitoring.


When we specify and design a Lining AQUAVISIO system, we take a holistic approach to the system from equipment and software to secure data transfer and processing. When designing and implementing the Lining AQUAVISIO District Metered Area, we leverage any existing equipment and infrastructure. This is how we can build a highly cost- efficient system with automation and remote control solutions that actually save time.


Using the Lining AQUAVISIO District Metered Area is always secure. You can enjoy peace of mind because security is built-in to all Lining AQUAVISIO

Smart water supply

The Lining AQUAVISIO system learns as it goes, detecting any irregularities early and helping optimize network waterflow and water supply reliability and energy efficiency.   And if failures or irregular events occur, the system automatically helps limit any damage by directing waterflow to areas where it causes minimal economic or other damage.

Predictive and care-free

The Lining AQUAVISIO District Metered Area generates alerts on even the most minor irregularities across the system, making it possible to investigate not only potential leaks but also other early-stage incidents before any major damage occurs. Lining AQUAVISIO keeps a watchful eye even when you and everyone else are asleep.

Uninterrupted support

Our AQUAHELP support is ready and willing to help you in all situations.

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